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Our Web Management provides a comprehensive solution for small to large companies who need more control over their meeting or events. Whether your meetings are internal or marketing external events, Huffman Consulting provides flexible solutions to meet your needs. We provide companies with a variety of services designed to support Event Management Teams:

Registration Management. Our online registration management tool collects information from your customers and team you can compile information for your events booth registration, booth attire, booth staffing, conference/expo badges and hotel accommodations.

Demo Management. Our online demo management tool collects a variety of detailed information including: booth description, equipment requests, booth specific requirements for internet and company access, booth signage and graphics, company lead inquiries and booth duty scheduling.

Meeting Management. Our software provides a comprehensive solution to set up your meetings. Whether you have 10 to 100+ people, our tool streamlines your meetings from a suite of advanced features that can help you increase your success with your customer or executive meetings.

Virtual Collateral. Our online product collateral solution material is available for you to provide customers about various product detail. With a simple click, your customers can select the material they are interested in and have that material sent to one or more emails to share product information. These websites can be customized for various other features, please inquire.

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Website Management/Support we will assist you and your team with a number of solutions so that you maintain total control over your event from creating to modifying your show/demo registration forms, meeting management for customers and executives, communication briefings, as well as, adding various other custom content pages for each show function you are managing.

Preparing and editing new web content, deleting out-of-date copy or information, upgrading visuals....these tech chores are all part of the proper care and maintenance of your site. We can handle it for you. Plus, you can have the added assurance of knowing the work was done with a professional eye for detail. Our purpose here is to make sure your site is always up, ready, and fully able to speak for itself.

Website Training Services we will assist you and your team with website training for any and all applications of your trade show and event websites.

Website Administration to assist you and your team with accessing real time reports, email blast notifications, uploading/ downloading documents, maintaining timelines that can be converted to various file formats, arranging meeting schedules for customers & executives.

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