Online Event Management Services

Comprehensive and flexible

Our Web Management provides a comprehensive solution for small to large companies who need more control over their meeting or events. Whether your meetings are internal or external marketing events, Huffman Consulting provides flexible solutions to meet your needs.

We provide companies with a variety of services designed to support Event Teams:

Site Selection

Huffman Consulting offers hotel and meeting site selection as a complimentary service. Meeting planners today are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Travel budgets are shrinking, room inventory is constrained, and sales support levels at hotels are on the decline. Once we identify venues that match your criteria, we negotiate rates and concessions and facilitate the contracting process. As a client, you receive the highest possible return on your meeting, all at no cost to you!

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Event Management Services

As event manager, we would strategically select booth space, review contract with show management, provide preliminary budget and track all costs, identify speaking opportunities, schedule planning meetings with core product team, engage PR if necessary, facilitate key messages, work with exhibit house with booth property, layout and show services, facilitate post meeting, provide final budget and ROI and work with hotels to negotiate contracts for the attendees. As well as managing the catering around the participation, if necessary.

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Registration Management

Whether it is a small meeting, a major industry conference or anything in-between, our tool helps you deliver high quality events from start to finish. Our online staff and demo registration solutions collect information from your customers and extended events team so you can compile information for your badges, conference and expo booths, hotel accommodations and other items as needed. Using our online registration solution, you have a single, easy to use system.

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Demo Management

Our online demo management tool collects a variety of detailed information including: booth description, equipment requests, booth specific requirements for internet and power, booth signage and graphics, company lead inquiries and booth duty scheduling. Easy to access reports are available 24/7 for event managers and vendors, along with automatic notifications via email of adds and updates. Allows you to track your staff input to meet your deadlines.

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One-to-One Meeting Management

Whether you have 10 to 5000+ people, our meeting solution allows you to build an automated process to meet your needs. Let us help you leverage your executives meetings with customers. Our meeting solution supports 1-1 customer meetings, executive meetings, press meetings and more. As an event manager, you have complete control over the meetings. These meetings can be set up for self-scheduling or with a myriad of ways to manage approvals.

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Virtual Collateral

The era of printing and lugging boxes of product materials to your shows and events is over. Onsite, the visitors to your booth or event can easily select the documents they are interested in and review them online or send them to their email address to review more thoroughly. Once viewed, they can file and forward to other colleagues with potential interest. These sites can be setup on a standard PC, demo stations, a central kiosk, or used on iPads or other tablets. Let your visitors and customers use it directly or select the pertinent documents with them after you've had a discussion or presented a demo. Activity on the site is logged and reported on, to give you an understanding of how the site is being used and which documents and areas of interest are gathering the most attention. It's an easy and cost effective way of giving your customers what they want - targeted information for the products and solutions they are there to discuss with you.

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